Apartments at Kerry Street

Horsforth, West Yorkshire

The planning consent enabled the demolition of the redundant print works and the construction of five apartments. Two at ground floor and three duplex above. Secure parking is located to the rear. The Consent assisted the sale of the Site improving value.

A R Facer Ltd proposed design residential apartment development printers kerry street horsforth leeds by base 1 architects
  • Service:
    Design Team Leader. Concept and design development within a conservation context concluding in the preparation and submission of a full planning application. Coordination of Structural and Environmental Assessments.
  • Client:
    A R Facer Ltd
  • Timeframe:
    Appointed: 2012
A R Facer Ltd print-works before residential apartment development kerry street horsforth leeds by base 1 architects
Looking up Kerry Street at the undeveloped site.

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