The context of a site will of course always influence greatly a design as it emerges. It will have an equal bearing on construction methodology. Many of our projects have been undertaken within Conservation Areas or City Centres and sometimes both. We are familiar and comfortable with the challenges they present.

The core of our work lays within the redevelopment of existing buildings and occupied sites. Our focus is always to add value and improve yield within restrained CapEx budgets. The use classifications and functions of the building types within which we work are often singular or mixed such as: retail (A1) with residential (C1 or C3), office (A2 or B1) or leisure (D2 gymnasium’s).

In addition to extension, amalgamation and adaptation we design new stand-alone buildings such as: houses, offices, hotels and retail warehouses. We provide a full design and contract administration service. As a Principal Designer we also assist Clients with the discharge of their duties under CDM 2015.

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