Many of our Leisure projects have either used or sought to use space within existing buildings. Regardless of whether those schemes are cinema, restaurant or gymnasium use structural assessment of the existing superstructure, and floor composition, will dictate viability. A change of use to Leisure will often dictate an increase in occupancy, especially in the case of cinemas and restaurants. In consequence means of escape and the fire strategy need consideration early in the deign process.

For gymnasium developments new imposed and live loads can sometimes be less problematic than rhythmic movement induced by cardio equipment. In these situations solutions are found through our understanding of gym design, body part zoning and general layout.

In particularly sensitive sites where structure borne noise and vibration arise from impact movements in gyms, like deadlifts, solutions such as recycled rubber matting or fully sprung raised floors can be very effective abatement methods. The use of lifting platforms, power racks and contemporary isometric resistance equipment will all contribute to viability.

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